Rabbi Jason and the Righteous Synagogue In reality, truly evil Jews are extremely rare and always have been. They remain an endangered species on the brink of extinction. Only anti-Semites will mourn their disappearance. A quick comparison of Jews and Gentiles throughout history indicates that the Jews have almost always been the good guy and not the bad guy. The following chart illustrates this reality: The Jewish Good Guy and Gentile Bad Guy GENESIS Abel: A peaceful shepherd who worshipped and pleased the LORD. Cain: A violent, jealous farmer who murdered his brother Abel. BIBLICAL SEX Abraham: Practiced heterosexual monogamy with only Sarah and Hagar. Sodom: Practiced homosexual sodomy, including numerous ritual orgies. JERUSALEM (33 AD) Jesus: A peaceful prophet who obeyed God. Pontius Pilate: A violent dictator who had Him killed. GERMANY Albert Einstein: A genius scientist who renounced warfare and promoted peace. Adolph Hitler: A mad, tyrant war-monger who killed millions of Jews. POLITICS Barry Goldwater: An anti-Communist Jewish-Christian. Josef Stalin: An anti-Semitic, Communist murderer. MUSIC Felix Mendelssohn: A Jewish-Christian who wrote music in praise of God. Richard Wagner: An anti-Semite who wrote music dedicated to the pagan gods. This comparison list of famous individuals clearly shows that, throughout history, it has almost always been the Gentiles who were the bad guys. The Church hopes to end this recurring tragedy and vicious circle of hate through a renewal of both Jewish and Christian faith throughout the world.

Jason Nicholas Korning

A Roman/Ukrainian Catholic Scholar and Writer

Eric S. Mueller

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